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  Frog Wedding Invitations

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funny wedding invitations with a frog bride and groom
B3075 Fancy Frogs

Big Leap Frog Wedding Invitations
B3007 The Big Leap

Princess and Frog Wedding Invitations
B2421 Love at First Sight

Courting Frogs Wedding Invitations
B3021 Frog Courting

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Sample Wording For Frog Wedding Invitations

1.  Caroline Jenkins and Robert Harrelson
     invite you to join them as they take the big leap!

2.  They're toad-ally in love!
     Please join us to celebrate as
     Jennifer Logan and Thomas Renfrow
     are united in marriage

3.  It takes a lot of frogs to find your princess or your prince,
     but their love at first sight has been growing ever since.
     Together, their days have been filled with laughter
     so join Sharon and Steve as they live happily ever after!

4.  A normal courtship was just too limiting . . .
     Their love for each other is simply  ribbiting!

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